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By | November 14, 2019

Unlock your hip flexors is a complete package that will help you reducing the strain in your hip muscles. Improvement of your overall health condition, can be seen even after following the exercise routines for a week. The program can be done anywhere and anytime which makes it perfect for busy adults. There are bonuses included in the package as well to further support the program.

  • Effectiveness : You will get improved body fitness within a week of usage.
  • Price : It is very affordable if compared to professional service.
  • Ease of use : The instructions are easy to follow due to the video guideline.
  • What we like : Ease of use, money back guarantee, and bonuses.
  • What we don’t like : Independent use may lead to some incorrect usage and misinterpreted information, inaccurate information presented.

unlock your hip flexors review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors: Reducing the Tightness of Your Hip Flexor Muscles

Maintaining healthy body shape and fitness is not an easy task, especially if you are living a busy life. It is very easy to forget about exercising even if your body really needs that.

Unlock your hip flexors is a great program to get into if you are aiming to regain the robustness and liveliness of your body.

This fitness program is receiving hype from people, even those who do not really understand underlying issue concerning the product invention.

The program revolves around series of exercises for hip flexors. Those exercises have one objective, which is to maintain the health of that particular area in your body.

Flexors in the hip area are sets of muscles where the legs and trunks meet. Muscles included in this group are psoas, rectus femoris, sartorius and others. Many people experience strain or tightness in these muscles.

This condition causes discomfort that might disturb someone’s daily activities. Pain might occur in that area and even affecting the surrounding muscles.

This program is designed for hip flexor strengthening. There are various movements that you need to follow. These movements were included in the program since they can reduce the tightening of your flexor muscles.

Who is Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj?

One of the reasons why unlock your hips flexors is so popular is the fact that its two authors are highly respected in their areas of expertise. This fitness program was designed by Mike Westerdal in collaboration with Rick Kaselj.

rick kaselj unlock your hip flexors

The idea for this book came up when Westerdal’s wife experienced pain in her hip area which was allegedly caused by weak hip flexors. The pain had lasted for really long time to the point that she was prompted to get a professional help. Kaselj, a kinesiologist and trauma specialist, worked together with her in order to treat the condition.

Westerdal was amazed to see that Kaselj only needed 15 minutes to work on his wife’s case. She immediately felt a whole lot better like her hips were not in pain the last few years. Thus, Westerdal wanted to share this knowledge.

Combining his expertise in fitness training and Kaselj’s injury and kinesiology knowledges, a special program to unlock hip flexors was created.

Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide

There are several benefits that you will gain from hip flexion exercises taught by this program. They are not only about alleviating pain in your hip area.

Boosting Vitality

Some people felt like they get tired easily even if they have fulfilled the daily quota of resting. You might never guess that your flexor muscles in your hips are responsible for this.

The pain might affect your sleep quality, thus you do not get a well-deserved rest as you originally thought. You will feel energized after following this program for a while.

Reducing Fat In The Belly

Many people are worried about the accumulation of fat belly. Diet is often not working when you are trying to make your belly flatter. By conducting exercise to strengthen hip flexors, you will be able to tackle this issue very easily.

You will see significant decrease in fat belly formation after a while. This particular claim is still debatable, though.

Increasing Sex Drive

It turns out that tightening of you flexor muscles is also causing decreased in sex drive. By following exercises guided in this program, you will be able to regain your sex drive and stamina.

Better, you might be able to upend it even further than your past drive. Your relationship with your partner will be improved. Your overall psychological state is going to be enhanced as well.

Improving Immune System

Do you get sick every so often? Someone might be prone to simple sickness such as cold and cough even if they lead a healthy life. Weak hip flexors are possible causes for someone’s dropping immune system.

If you aim to avoid getting sick, working to strengthen your hips is going to be really helpful. You will experience miniscule sickness a lot less after a while.

Easing Up Body Circulation

Bad circulation is related to problems such as energy lost, fat accumulation, and decreased immune system. Hips are connecting your lower and upper body. If these parts experience slight issue, your body circulation would not be running properly.

Some health issues then occurred because of circulation problem like this. Thus, you need to ease it up with certain exercises.

exercises for hip flexors

Pros of the Program

Should you purchase the product? Many unlock your hip flexors reviews were saying favorable thing about this fitness program. Here are some pros of using this product.


Compared to having to visit certified injury specialist and conducting checkup, this program is highly affordable. It is also considerably cheaper than visiting a gym to receive guide from personal trainer.

You can purchase it one time and reap benefit for the rest of your life. More than one person can share one package together, which is not the case in professional consultations.

Time Effective

For people who are really busy, exercising to the gym or visiting kinesiologist regularly is not plausible to fit within their tight schedules. You can easily find unlock your hip flexors review that stated how time effective this program is.

You will be able to conduct it at home without having to go anywhere else. It can be done at night or even in the break time at work if you will.

Detailed Explanation

People also praise the program for providing really detailed explanation about each exercise. You will be getting the audiovisual examples of exercises included in the program, instead of just reading the instruction.

The authors also explained the use of each exercise and how it will affect the parts of your body. You will understand not only the exercises, but also your body in general.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are disappointed with the program, you get a chance to receive your money back. The claim can be made within 60 days after purchase.

This attractive offer proves that the authors believe more people will be satisfied with the program instead of being dissatisfied. It seems like the return rate for this product is also low.

Easy to Follow

The hip flexion exercises that are explained in this program are very easy to follow, thanks to video samples equipped in the package.

You can easily perform the exercise during odd hours at home and it does not take more than an hour a day. Many other exercise programs fail to deliver such ease.

Cons of the Program

Of course, there are pros and cons in everything. This includes the fitness program being discussed. Some unlock your hip flexors reviews also mentioned the cons of using this product.

Some Inaccurate Information

It is said that the program may include some inaccurate information about tightening flexor muscles. In some cases tightened hip muscles are not that bad.

Some people are still able to continue life happily despite having to experience hip pain once in a while. The relation between fat belly and tightening hip muscles is also debatable and required further research.

Risk of Incorrect Understanding

As you are using this program alone at home, you need to carefully read and watch the instructions in order to minimize the risk of misunderstanding information being presented.

It is unlike when you are visiting professionals where you will be able to clarify your confusion about certain explanations. Luckily, you will easily find online forum of users who are also practicing exercises for hip flexors.

Independent Use of Program

You may stumble on unlock your hip flexors review that stated the Do-It-Yourself nature of this program is its contrary aspect. There are people who work well with such independent task.

However, for those who are not really well-versed in fitness activity, having to do the exercise alone might be daunting. Thus, some people may still want to see professionals to solve this issue.
hip flexor strengthening

Why Should You Purchase It?

This product is very rich in terms of contents. You will be able to access information which is knowledge and technique related in order to strengthen hip flexors. Here are some things that you will obtain from purchasing this book.

Background information about your flexor muscles. In this part you will learn the roles of each flexion muscle in your hips and how it affects your whole body.

You will also learn the causes for these muscles to experience strain that leave you in pain. This part explains what the signs of tightening hip muscles are so that you can start paying caution.

The hip muscles are stated as mighty muscles in the program because of their impact on your overall body system. The program explains that these muscles do not only have physical impacts to your body.

They also affect you emotionally and spiritually through certain mechanisms that would be described in the package.

Detailed exposition about the impact of these exercises would be discussed in the detail in this program package. You will learn how reducing the tightness in your hip muscles will impact your overall health.

It is not only limited to other muscles and organs around the hips. The impact is also not physical either. You will be able to improve your social life significantly.

When you are purchasing this product you will be getting the list of ten key exercises for hip flexors. The exercises are explained in very concise manner in order to ensure that anybody can follow it to the T.

You will be getting a video that you can play over and over again until you can completely copy the movement.

Some bonuses are also included in every purchase made of this package. The first bonus is a video that will guide you to regain your healthy body posture back.

Many people are struggling to achieve the body posture of their dream and following exercises in this video might help. The second bonus is a guideline for 7-day diet to reduce inflammation in your body.

It would be beneficial to combine the key exercises with these two additional programs.


In conclusion the hip flexors strengthening program offered in this package might be the answer to various health issues that you might be facing.

You will be able to improve your immune system, sex drive, energy, and overall well-being by following the explanations in this program. Many people have tried this program with favorable result.

In addition to that, you will be able to conduct the exercises anywhere you are. It does not take a significant amount of your time, either. This package is considerably more economical than having to contact professional therapist to solve your hip pain.

Of course, there are some cons about using this program. For those who are not used to work out alone without supervision, this program might seem daunting.

The choice whether you are going to use this program or not is definitely in your hand. However, seeing how favorable most of the reviews are and how easy it is to follow, it might be beneficial to try it for once. Who knows that it might work wonder on you.

unlock your hip flexors

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