Power Efficiency Guide Review (Only $19.79 + 9 Bonuses)

By | November 14, 2019

Power Efficiency Guide is an e-book product that explains how to create an independent power source for your household. There are several bonuses that come with this guideline book.

  • Effectiveness : This book is very concise and informative when it comes to teach people about creating revolutionary tools to reduce electric consumptions.
  • Price : The price of this product is affordable enough for most people especially compared to information provided by it.
  • Ease of use : You can access this product on your gadget, which means you will be able to carry it anywhere and read the book whenever you have time.
  • Support : The support team is quite helpful.
  • What we like : It is packed with information, easy to understand by ordinary people with no engineering background, and of course affordable.
  • What we don’t like : Power Efficiency Guide is an e-book product that explains how to create an independent power source for your household. There are several bonuses that come with this guideline book.

power efficiency guide review

Introduction of the Power Efficiency Guide Book

People’s awareness about the importance of not relying on the conventional energy sources is increasing nowadays due to the fact that global warming issues are being broadcasted everywhere. If you are interested about this matter, power efficiency guide might be the right product to help getting you in track with this topic.

Because of limited electrical resources and high demand, sometimes there are unexpected blackouts because of maintenance work or efficiency purpose. You cannot perform your daily activities which are mostly relying on electric devices.

In addition to that, the electricity bill’s rate is getting progressively scarier nowadays. It is not rare to find families who are struggling to pay for their electricity bill every single month due to the high rate.

power efficiency guide pdf is released in order to tackle the highly problematic electric energy issue that many people are facing today. It consists of guidelines that will help anyone becoming independent when it comes to the matter of energy.

Several tools (which can be assembled into a cohesive system) that are going to help you reducing your electricity bill will be mentioned such as:

  • Battery that is power efficient.
  • Power Efficiency Guide generator.
  • 12V DC motor for household.
  • Sprocket chain system gears.
  • Special energy efficient power switch.
  • Rotary motors for daily usage.

It is said that the program has successfully helped more than 85,000 households all around the place in terms of energy consumption. If you want to learn more about it, you may want to stay tuned.

Author of the Power Efficiency Guide Pdf

The power efficiency guide was developed by author Mark Edwards, whose background is not exactly related to electrical engineering. He worked as a geography teacher (known to be quite eccentric) from a city in Tennessee named Memphis.

Over the years, he gathered science based techniques to create electrical power that is more affordable for everyone. Because he believed that his findings would help many people all around the globe not to rely on energy companies that drain their money.

The release of this guide book is not always smooth sailing. Edwards has to deal with legal teams from various energy companies because he is sharing what is considered as “insiders’ secrets” through this guide book.
How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Benefits of the Book

Many people are asking: is power efficiency guide legitimate? As the product has stated, the results of its usage will vary depending on the individuals.

Nonetheless, there are some benefits that readers have associated with this particular guide book that may interest you. Here are several benefits of this program as reported by people who have already tried it.

It Uses Understandable And Scientific Concept

Those who do not have engineering background are reluctant about purchasing this book’s access for fear they will not understand technical terms that are likely to be presented there. However, based on power efficiency guide reviews, the book is actually very understandable since it uses easy to understand terms.

Concepts that are used to develop techniques explained in this book are based on scientific findings. The basis used in this guide book can be found in modern electric powered vehicles and called spinning force.

Economical to Reproduce

You have probably known that the power source alternatives (e.g.: solar panel and wind power) are not exactly affordable for everyone’s pocket. As an example, if you are going to install solar panel you have to pay hefty amount of money at the beginning.

Based on customer reviews, you do not need to purchase expensive supplies in order to come up with the tools described by this product. The supplies can be purchased from regular hardware stores at affordable price.

Interesting Presentation

Many engineering books are not presented in the way that it would engage readers to continue reading. More than one power efficiency guide review has favorable opinions about how the book is presenting information to the readers.

The entire book is presented in colored form in order to make the reader’s interested with its contents. In addition to that, user also gets diagram that will explain the text instructions more clearly.

Available Bonuses for Buyers

Everybody loves bonuses, especially when it comes from such a useful product. The following list describes the bonuses that will come with this guide book.

• Electric Lighting History; this book describes the history of electric lighting inventions to help you getting to know how the technology has progressed ever since the first light bulb invention.

• Power from Smith Generator; this bonus book explains how you can extract electrical power from a kind of generator which is named Smith generator.

• Reducing Energy Waste; if you are looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption then you should read this bonus e-book since it provides tips and tricks to do it.

• Meyer Magnet Motor; this bonus book explains how you can assemble a magnet based motor system that will be able to produce additional power for your household.

power efficiency guide pdf

Pros of the Book

Despite many power efficiency guide scam doubts, you cannot deny that there are plenty of positive points that will guarantee to make this book purchase worth it. Here are some of those points.

The Book Helps You Becoming More Independent

The idea of relying too much on electrical companies who aim to drain your wallet is too scary to consider. If you are aiming to become an independent individual in your life, you should consider using tips and trick that are described in this book.

If the electrical company is having a blackout, your daily activities will be halted since most of your devices are electrically powered. Having your own energy generating tool will make you less dependent to the electrical company since you can still function even without it.

The Guide Book Helps You Find a Way to Reduce Electricity Bill

The tips and tricks that are described in power efficiency guide book will be able to reduce your electricity bill significantly. It is said that the decrease of bill can reach a staggering 30% which is highly significant, especially in long term.

The reason is that some of the tools which you will make based on the instructions in this guideline are able to reduce your energy. With the tools, you will use less energy or electrical power which in turn will decrease your bill.

Your Overall Quality of Life Would Be Improved Significantly

You probably have heard of a family that has to live without electricity due to some causes. They might not be able to pay for electricity bill so the power gets cut off, or they experience force majeure such as flood and earthquake.

In that situation, electricity becomes scarce since the infrastructure is not available or perhaps damaged. However, with the tools that are described in the book, you will be able to enjoy life as it is in normal situation.

There Is a Money Back Guarantee For Every Purchase

To deal with potential power efficiency guide complaints, the author comes up with money back guarantee system for every purchase made.

If you return the book within 60 days after your purchase, you will be able to get your money back fully.

This system actually also guarantees that the content of this book would be so great that people will not return it even after the guarantee period has ended. The return rate for this book seems to be quite low based on observation.

Cons of the Book

Of course, just as there are many praises for the book, there are several power efficiency guide complaints that are also reported by customers. Here are some of them.

You Need Internet Connection to Access This Book.

The contents of this book is only available online which means that you need an internet connection so that you will be able to access it. This will create problem for people who may live in a place where the internet cannot reach it or that there is a connection but it is not reliable.

People who are living in urban cities, though, do not face the similar issue. They can access this book easily anytime that they want without too much concern.

There is No Hardcopy of the Book.

When you are purchasing access for this book, you will only get power efficiency guide PDF package. There is no hardcopy book that you will obtain with the purchase, so you can only access the book through your device as long as it can read PDF files.

Many people are not so keen about the idea of having to access the book this way, particularly the older generation. They complain that they learn better when reading from a physical book instead of having to read a digital book from their gadgets.

Why Should You Purchase This Book?

Is there a reason why you should purchase the power efficiency guide? There are several reasons that should justify the purchase and the following list will explain them.

You Can Get Reliable and Safe Power Source

Through this guideline, you will learn to establish a power source for your own household that is reliable and safe to use. This power source will be able to maintain the daily functions of your livelihood even in the most difficult times.

The power source that you can create from this guideline is highly mobile which means you can carry it anywhere with you. It is also less harming to environment if compared to the fossil fueled power sources that most electrical companies still dabble on.

The Instructions Are Easy to Follow

Many power efficiency guide reviews stated that they were afraid of purchasing the book’s access because they may not be able to follow instructions provided. However, after reading the book thoroughly, they found that the instructions are actually really easy to follow.

They can assemble the tools described in the book even without prior knowledge or skills in electrical engineering because of the clear explanation. In addition to that, materials needed to build the tools can be sourced locally.

You Can Learn How to Reserve Your Electricity Budget

There are several tips and tricks throughout the books that will help you reserving budget for electricity. It is great information in addition to the important tool that will be able to reduce your utility bill immensely.

You will be able to share your newfound knowledge to your surroundings. That way, you will be able to create sustainable community that is not being crashed by the heavyweight of utility bills monthly.

Learning More About the Dynamics of Energy Industry

Many people have reported power efficiency guide scam because of it mentions insider’s knowledge of how the energy industry is working.

You will be able to pick up some clues on how this industry is drawing money from dependent customers.

That way you can make smarter decisions with your own energy usage and coming up with creative plans to reduce the consumption. It also means reducing your dependency.


Although power efficiency guide review examples are really varied, we can safely conclude that this product is quite worthy for its price. You will be able to extract valuable information about how to create your own power source and reducing overall electricity consumption.

power efficiency guide book

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