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By | November 14, 2019

You shouldn’t miss the information and the tips from his secret obsession ebook If you want to have a successful relationship with the man of your dream, and you want to make him obsessed with you. You are guaranteed to get a lot of information and insight about the men’s world and also psychology. You will also learn about the ways to do to maintain a healthy and strong relationship. Making a man obsessed over you isn’t impossible. You can create a relationship and maintain it with his secret obsession.

  • Effectiveness : The methods are simple. You can practice the methods easily. You can manage your relationship directly without involving any complicated methods.
  • Price : The price is actually quite affordable. But it can still be a bit pricey for those with a very tight budget. The price is actually worth the service and the outcome but it would be nicer if it can be a bit lower.
  • Ease of use : You can immediately implement the techniques and methods presented in the book. There is nothing complicated or difficult. Everything is basically simple and straightforward.
  • Support : The support feature is quite nice. You can also enjoy the refund service if you feel that you don’t gain anything about your relationship even after you have read the book thoroughly.
  • What we like : The logical and sound explanations. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out things easily. You can learn the methods and techniques of captivating your dream man. You will get new knowledge about men and their world. You know how to captivate your dream man’s heart without having to do any cheesy move. You know how to control your actions and your move based on the knowledge and information from the book.
  • What we don’t like : The price. Although it is pretty affordable, it can be tight for some people with limited budgets

his secret obsession review

His Secret Obsession Book, the General Review of the Goodness

His secret obsession isn’t your regular cheesy guidance to your (regular) relationship but it is a relationship guidance about how to understand the men – or at least the man that you love.

Most women have failed this stage because they don’t really understand what the men want. Surely, you don’t need to be a mind reader to be able to understand what men want.

With this book, you have the chance to seduce the man you love so that he would be so obsessed with you – in a good way! This book provides guidance so your dream man will fall head over heel with you and can’t get enough of you.

About His Secret Obsession

His secret obsession is a book that will ‘teach’ women how to capture the attention of the men they love without making it too cheesy or too cheap.

If you are one of these women, who want their relationship go strong and solid and also long lasting, then you should read the book. No, there is no magical trick or mambo-jambo about attracting the men you like or love.

The book is basically about opening a channel – an access – to their thoughts, emotions, and way of thinking.

You know how different men and women can be, and this book would provide the answers to your questions about how to understand men.

If you read his secret obsession review, you will see a lot of positive feedbacks, reviews, and opinions.

Some people may call it a scam, but once you read it, you will see that everything is completely logical and reasonable. I have read the book thoroughly and I don’t find anything wrong about it. You have to read it by yourself to clearly understand the contents.

And once you read the book, you will have an ‘AHA’ moment. All of the facts would make you understand how to face (and deal with) the man of your dream.

If you feel that your relationship always fails, it’s not completely your fault. Remember, women come from Venus while men are from Mars. They are completely different.

It takes a whole lot different comprehension and understanding so the two of them can match. No need to worry, with this book, understanding the man of your dream would be so much easier.

It shouldn’t be so complicated or difficult anymore to create a solid and strong relationship.

About James Bauer

When you enjoy something, you expect it to be created by someone who is an expert in the field, right?

For instance, if you want to enjoy the best cheesecake, then you expect it to be created and made by a professional baker, right?

So when you are reading a book about relationship, you expect it to come from a sound expert.

Well, you shouldn’t worry about that. his secret obsession is written by James Bauer, who is a professional relationship expert.

Not only he is a relationship coach, but he is also a professional author that has created a book about relationship too. His previous book was also best selling, known as What Men Secretly Want.

The book was also about unraveling the secret to men’s psychology, secrets, and desires. These two books may look the same, but in his secret obsession, you will get an in-depth knowledge about the right techniques to charm your dream man and make him obsessed with you.

Bauer has been working as the relationship coach for more than a decade. During the period, he has been working with many women (thousands of them) to study their cases.

From those cases, he is able to finally come with a formula (and the secret) to create a long-lasting and strong relationship. From his interaction with these different women, he has learned special ways on how women can make his men feel special, leading to them sticking around and not having enough of them!

his secret obsession pdf

The People Reading the Book

As a relationship coach, Bauer has dealt with so many cases of unhappy relationship. Most of the cases are about how the men shortly lose interest after the exciting early relationship period. So Bauer is focusing on that matter.

Not only talking about the secrets to men’s head and secrets, Bauer is also covering the subject also known as Hero Instinct Phrases. If you read the book, you will read (and understand) topics like:

• Why commitment seems to be a problem for most men? And why many of them have to struggle with the commitment to a loving and long-lasting relationship?

• Why many of men would lose interest in a relationship (although it is promising) after the excitement of the early relationship?

• Why is it difficult for men to communicate? Why would some men stop communicating? And how to deal with those issues?

• Basically, all men like to be the hero. And you need to know how to activate it to make him appreciated. Once he feels appreciated and he knows that you value his presence in your life, he will see you in a different way. You want to activate the instinct without making yourself look too needy.

If you are a woman who deals with complicated men who don’t want to be open about themselves, then this book would be the perfect one for you. Other reasons why you should read the book are:

• You are a woman who wants to learn more about men and their world

• Your man doesn’t want to be completely open about their feelings

• You want to learn more about men and their psychology without them knowing it

• You want to activate the Hero Instinct

• You want to have a solid, strong, and long-lasting relationship with the man that you believe can bring you happiness

• You believe that this man is the love of your life and you want to have his undivided attention and love

• You no longer want to involve in short or weak relationship

The Pros

If you read his secret obsession reviews, you will see that the book has tons of positive feedbacks. Most of them are positive – making it reliable and trustworthy for your relationship problem.

• Everything explained in the book will make sense. You will get a great enlightment and you will experience a lot of ‘AHA’ moments.

• All of the words are easy to understand. There are no complicated or difficult words. Reading the book won’t make you squint or have a headache. In fact, once you read the book, you will start understanding the psychology of men and their natural characteristics.

• You would be able to unravel the mystery of men – the mysterious creature that often leave women with heart break and heart ache. Well, you won’t experience such a thing anymore after reading the book.

• You will learn many new things about men. It gives you an insight to their world

• You learn how to captivate their heart without doing any lousy or cheesy moves

• You can take actions on your own and control your relationship

The Cons

Despite all the great benefits offered by this book, there are several flaws that I dislike.

The Price

I don’t completely go against it, but I think that the author can make this book more affordable.

The book is actually quite affordable but for those with limited budgets or with a really tight budget, the price is still high. It can put an extra burden to the wallet, seriously. If the price can go lower, it would be great.

The Manipulative Undertone.

There is no manipulative method or whatsoever about the book. But the promotional tones can be quite extravagant and sometimes can be too much. It does make the book sound cheesy and too-good-to-be-true.

Once you have read the book, you will find out that there is nothing hoax or wrong about the methods, but those skeptical people may not be easily convinced with the too bombastic claims.

his secret obsession phrases

Reasons to Buy the Book

There are several things to learn about the book, especially related to his secret obsession phrases.

• You can learn about Relationship Material. You want to make a checklist of the relationship quality materials to make sure that he will stay.

• There is also The Private Island method, where you want to create an impression that you are the only one (and also the perfect one) for him. You can even determine (through this method) whether he will marry you – or not.

• If you can’t move on from your ex-boyfriend, then The Ex-Back Signal would be the perfect technique for you. No need to beg him to come back to you. He will be the one that begs to be with you again.

• One way to activate his Hero Instinct is to implement The Damsel in Distress way. You can trigger your man’s protective instinct in the most subtle way and get his undivided attention.

• The Glimpse Phase will pique his interest in you – making him want to know more about you and not get enough of you.

• Then Silent Action Signal will fully activate his Hero Instinct. It will make you look more alluring than other women.

• And then in I Own You technique, you will make your man completely dependent on you. He can’t live without you and you would be the only woman in his mind, his thought, his life, and his heart.

These are the things you can learn from the book – and many others. You can be sure that there are still more that you can gain from buying and reading the book.


If you want to reveal the secrets to your dream man’s psychology and secrets, this book would be the best option that you can make.

From his secret obsession review, you will see that many women have been helped by this book (and the important information in it). You should take the chance about getting the direct access to your dream man and the ideal relationship that you have dreamed of.

his secret obsession james bauer

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