EZ Battery Reconditioning Review ($27 Only + 3 Bonuses)

By | November 14, 2019

The e-book of ez battery reconditioning can be summarized as follows. The book is a kind of effective guide book for battery reconditioning. With tips and tricks available you can turn your old battery like a new one. The tricks are effective and easy to follow even if you don’t have any experience at all in the area of battery and power sources. The price is quite cheap anyway. Yes, it is probably not the cheapest guide book ever but the price is still reasonable. Everybody can just buy it.

ez battery reconditioning reviews

The Introduction of EZ Battery Reconditioning

What is ez battery reconditioning? It is an e-book that includes programs to recondition your battery. Undeniably, a battery is one of the most practical power sources to help our life. You can just simply mention many devices that use batteries.

They are Smartphones, laptops, calculator, and even TV. So, it is not exaggerating to say that we basically cannot live without batteries no matter what kind of batteries they are.

But although a battery is indeed important, it can be simply used up. Some types of battery can be recharged while some others are not. Even the recharging one can be damaged so that you must replace it with the new one.

If there is a method to recondition your battery, it is just great for sure. You don’t need to spend too much money just to replace the batteries you have.

You can also use only one battery for a device in your lifetime. This is what offers by ez battery reconditioning anyway.

In the e-book, you can learn about the many ways to recondition your battery. You should not worry; you don’t need to be a professional mechanic for it.

All you need to have is enough time so that you can practice all the available ways. Then, only in a few minutes, you can bring back your battery for 100% without spending money, even a little bit.

So, are you interested to have it?

EZ Battery Reconditioning E-Book’s Author

The author of ez battery reconditioning E-Book is Tom Ericson. There is not much information about this author. But it is known that he is indeed an expert in the area of electricity and mechanical devices.

Tom EricsonIt is said that he made his own research in order to find ways to recondition batteries. Then, his invention is written and published so that other people can know and enjoy the method.

Interestingly, ez battery reconditioning is not the only e-book written by Ericson. He is also known for other works including The Anger Within, A Life Within: A Jess O’Neale Novel, and Power Efficiency Guide Will Change Our World Forever.

Some of his works have been rated highly by readers. For example, The Anger Within series gain a rating of 4.5 on Goodreads.com. the same rating is also gained by the book of easy battery reconditioning that we will discuss now.

Benefits of the EZ Battery Reconditioning E-Book

Some of you may easily think that battery reconditioning ability is not that important. Yes, as long as there are still so many stores out there, buying a new battery is not a problem. That’s true for sure.

But if you can save money for such a small thing, it is expected that you can do other big things later. Moreover, it is clear enough that the ability of battery reconditioning helps you save more money. Sure, you can just use the money for other things that are more important.

Furthermore, we now live on earth in which the environment has not been friendly enough. trash are everywhere and they are mainly from plastics and other chemical substances. Of course, if you can participate in reducing the trash, it can just be much better for the future.

Aside from some benefits mentioned above, specifically, ez battery reconditioning E-Book also gives you some personal benefits. What are they?

It Helps You In An Urgent Situation.

How is if the battery is empty when there is no time to recharge or buy a new one? of course, a particular skill is needed to solve this problem. Interestingly, ez battery reconditioning enables you to repair your battery even without using other tools and equipment.

So, during a situation like the electric failure and others, you can still use your lamp by plugging in the reconditioned battery from the ez battery reconditioning program.

Easy and Simple

If you think that learning about battery reconditioning is difficult and wasting time, you are wrong anyway. in this E-book, the steps and methods offered are all easy and simple. In other words, everybody can just do it.

There are not only two or three methods, Ericson shows you almost all methods you can possibly do in reconditioning your battery. As you know, the reasons why your battery cannot be used can be various as well.

Really Fast

It is really a great chance for you to repair a battery by yourself faster. In some batteries for a Smartphone and others, you may need a long time to make it right. The methods offered in this easy battery reconditioning system are really fast in some easy steps. You basically save more time this way.


Yes, you can just find it is really easy to recondition your battery using this E-book. It is not only about the methods explained that are easy. More than that, the way Ericson deliver the method is also understandable.

The book also tells you about the general way how a battery works. It makes you can find it easier in understanding the whole reconditioning process.

With And Without Tools

The book gives you insight the secrets of reconditioning a battery with and without tools. In some cases, you indeed need to prepare tools like a multi-meter. But in some other cases, such a tool is basically not needed.

Yes, it is sometimes possible to make your old battery work with only your hands. Sure, it is as long as you know the components well.

There are actually some other benefits of having an ez battery reconditioning pdf that cannot be explained one by one. In other words, the e-book is indeed worth buying.
ez battery reconditioning method

Pros and Cons

So, what are the pros and cons of the product? In general, some of the pros have been mentioned in the previous points. It is all about how you can make your old and dead battery works well without passing through too many steps and difficult process. But sure, the cons are still there so that you need to use it wisely as well.


First, the e-book basically talks about tricks to recondition the battery. It is different from other books that provide you conventional steps. That’s why; the book is really easy to understand and practice even for inexperienced users.

Second, you don’t need to have a background knowledge in the world of batteries and other energy sources. The terms used in this e-book is really easy to understand. Moreover, there are also descriptions for all the components.

Third, the e-book is in the form of PDF, making it easier to access and download. In case you want the hard-copy version, you can just print it out. Interestingly, the print-out version is really handy and practical to be carried anywhere.

Fourth, the book is equipped with pictures and diagrams. Sometimes, reading words is indeed not enough to understand a certain instruction. So, your job is getting easier with a complete description in the pictures and all data available.

Fifth, for all the benefits you can get above, the price of the ez battery reconditioning program course book is quite cheap. Sure, it is only $27.

To buy the product, you can use the following payment systems; they are Mastercard, VISA, and PayPal. There are some features to make the book safe to download; Verified Trusted and Norton Secured.

Do you find the book useless in the end? You should not worry; there is the feature of 60 days money-back guarantee anyway.

Lastly, other features are available alongside with the book. Aside from the easiness in paying, there is a money-back guarantee in 60 days if you are not satisfied with the book. You don’t need to worry about your money gone for nothing.


Undeniably, there is nothing perfect in the world. Even if the book already has some benefits mainly in terms of repairing the battery, it has some lacks also. What are the lacks or cons?

First, the book only provides tricks to reconditioning the battery. The tricks are indeed simple and easy to follow.

However, there is no further explanation of how the battery can be back to work only with those tricks. For those of you who want to learn more deeply and professionally about the battery, you may not find them here.

Second, yes, many tricks available in the book work well. however, not all of them can be simply applied. Some methods cannot work anyway.

Moreover, it is by remembering that there are so many types of battery in the world seeing from the designs and others. The methods available in the book are good only for some types of batteries.

Third, do you want to have a hard copy of the book? Unfortunately, it is not available. You need to print it out by yourself. Make sure to download it well and print the book in a high-definition quality.

ez battery reconditioning pdf

Reasons Why You Must Buy the Book

Despite all the cons possibility experienced, the book is still worthy to buy. There are many reasons why you must buy the book even if reconditioning battery is not what you really need today. Yes, sometimes, you must be grateful for having the e-book on your hands.

The main reason why you must have this one is, of course, about the main function. There are not so many chances to learn about reconditioning any battery. So, if you have the chance only in $27, you must grab it fast.

Almost all the tricks available in the book also work well. Yes, it is said almost because based on my experience, some tricks cannot work as good as the expectation.

So, before starting to recondition your battery, make sure to learn more about them. Some batteries are good only with certain tricks. In other words, the tricks available are not for all types of the battery.

Finally, the last reason to buy this book of ez battery reconditioning system is to save money and energy. Rather than going outside to buy a new battery, it is much better to repair the damaged one if you can.

You should not worry since the result is permanent. There are basically some parts of the battery that will never get older or empty. This is the main reason why your battery can always be reconditioned.

Actually, the recharging system of the battery is the proof.


When the battery of your device has been empty or it cannot be used anymore, all you commonly do is replacing it with a new one. that’s true for sure. But Tom Ericson offers you another way that is more practical and economical.

It is reconditioning your batteries. All the tips and tricks are explained and summarized in his book entitled ez battery reconditioning.

The book provides you some tricks or methods to recondition your battery. The tricks are various starting from them with tools and equipment to others that you can do with bare hands.

Well, not all the tricks mentioned above really work well but almost all of them can be relied on. The way Ericson explains his tricks is understandable. Moreover, the book is equipped with pictures and diagrams to make your job much easier.

For beginners, the book is highly recommended.
ez battery reconditioning

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