Cinderella Solution Review (Only $27 + 2 Bonuses)

By | November 15, 2019

Cinderella Solution is the answer to everyone’s worry about losing weight and maintaining the result steadily. It has helped many women across the states and having interesting modes of information delivery.

  • Effectiveness : The effectiveness of this method has been proven by various reviews. So if someone is asking does the Cinderella solution work, then the answer is: yes it does.
  • Price : For the varied contents provided in the package, its price can be considered affordable.
  • Ease of use : It has text, pictures, and videos to help reader understanding its contents so the ease of use is really great.
  • Support : Customer gets unlimited support by email which is very beneficial for people who need encouragement about following this program.
  • What we like : The delivery methods are varied, it is affordable, and it helps people losing weight in natural ways.
  • What we don’t like : It is designed only for women and only comes in digital format.

Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution as Woman’s Perfect Weight Loss Solution

The cinderella solution is one of many weight loss plans that people are following nowadays. This is the result of increased awareness about keeping track of what a person is eating and the nutrient contents present in the food.

Today, more people become aware of the link between food that they consuming with their overall health condition. They realize that they gain weight quickly and have a hard time trying to shed it off because of their eating patterns.

You probably have heard weight reduce programs that promise to deliver great result, but in reality the success rate of those programs is quite low. Most diet plans are not built according to the natural processes in human body hence they may not work that well.

So, why does the cinderella solution work if it is just another type of diet plan? One thing that differentiates this program from others is that it takes into account that adult woman typically experiences hormone changes that affect body weight in certain mechanism.

This program aims to reactivate the fast metabolism in human body that has been stunted during transition toward adulthood. With fast metabolism, the body will be able to process calories faster which results in quicker weight loss.

The weight loss program consists of two different phases which incorporates necessary exercises and nutrient intakes important for losing weight. Many cinderella solution reviews have stated that the program is able to reduce weight over a short period.

Here is The Breakdown of This Program.

Ignite Phase

In this phase, the body would be prepared for main diet plan since it aims to control the hormone until your body achieves regularity in hormone production. The phase happens for two weeks where dieter would be given customized meal plan to help achieving its objective.

Launch Phase

The main concept of launch phase is flavor pairing ritual which aims to eliminate the fat in your body, even if it is placed in obscure spots.

You combine two ingredients in order to achieve effective results in fat burning process, such as: ricotta cheese and fresh berries or apples and dark chocolate.

Once you have gone through the phase, you are recommended to cycle both of them in order to gain maximum benefit of this program. As you can see, the main plan has underlying concept of combining two different ingredients that have benefit to breakdown fat in your body.

You must adhere to the flavor pairing diet plan so that you can maintain the result of this program. The product includes information about which food ingredients that are good to be paired together and their effects to one’s body.

The program is designed mainly for women because it follows woman’s body natural system. If you are an adult woman who is having issues with applying weight loss plan in your live, this plan might be the right one for you.

Author of the Program

Who is coming up with the idea of this program? The Cinderella solution flavor pairing system was developed by a woman named Carly Donovan who used to have trouble when trying to lose weight.

Carly Donovan She had tried various methods in order to get a healthy body figure. Donovan managed to shed off some pounds with those methods but as soon as she stopped practicing them, the lost weight was quickly gained back.

The author started with development of this program when after repeated failed attempts at dieting, she reverted back to her usual eating plan, although she tried to moderate it. People around her started to realize that she lost weight rather rapidly without relying on rigorous diet and exercises.

Based on her findings about a great system to reduce weight without having sacrifice important aspect in one’s lifestyle, Donovan released this program to public.

According to various Cinderella solution diet reviews, many women out there have experienced significant changes in their life thanks to it.

Benefits of Following the Plan

There are plenty of benefits that you will gain by following this diet plan. The following part will only discuss several of them.

Losing Weight at Quick Rate

This program promises that people who follow it will be able to reduce about four to six pounds of their weight every week. Granted, they must be following the plan as suggested by author in the manual book.

People who have followed this program stated that they have successfully reduced weight steadily over the weeks of following this program. It is the result of combining meal control and exercises that are mentioned in by author.

The Process is Natural With Minimum Side Effect

Many people fear fad diets because frankly they do not seem natural at all. You might be asked to avoid carbohydrate or salt altogether which will make you nutrient depraved and experiencing bad symptoms (e.g.: headache and fatigue).

Food pairing weight loss theme which is the main concept of this diet is based on natural process within the body. There is no need to consume questionable supplements or deprive your body from nutrients that it needs.

There is No Need to Sacrifice Your Lifestyle

Changing lifestyle is very difficult the older that you gets. Your lifestyle has been deeply ingrained within you and affects various aspects, such as eating pattern, leisure, social relationships and other parts of your life.

With this program, you only need to add certain control lines in your life while still maintaining the old lifestyle. You can still consume your favorite food and even alcohol, but this time in more responsible manner as to not compromise your overall health condition.

Gaining Self-Confidence

Many women have stated that being overweight really affects their mental health. They become reluctant about wearing certain clothes or even not keen on leaving home at all.

As the author hoped, once you have successfully lost your weight with the help of this program, you will regain your self-confidence. Instead of being dependent on supplements or certain food, you still have the freedom to follow your own lifestyle choice.
the cinderella solution reviews

Pros of the Product

According to the Cinderella solution reviews, there are various positive points that should encourage you to purchase the entire program set.

Here are the pros of this product.

The Instructions Are Very Easy to Follow

One major reason that causes people to fail a diet program is because its instructions are not written in a way that will make reader understands it. You will not experience such issue when following this particular weight loss plan.

The program comes with a manual that is presented in interesting way, by combining text and pictures. You will understand what you need to do just by reading the manual and accessing the accompanying contents.

Stellar Customer Support

In addition to having clear instruction, buyer will also get a customer support to help answering your questions related to the program. You will be able to contact support team through email.

This feature is really great because some people may still need encouragement to follow program that modeled in the product. Thus, support team ensures that customer will be doing what the program tells them to do and be fully satisfied by its results.

Comprehensive Package

Another great thing that many Cinderella solution diet reviews rave about is the product’s comprehensive contents. You will not only getting an e-book which is comprised of valuable information related to fat burning mechanism, but also video about exercising.

Such comprehensive package will encourage buyer to be more involved in the program’s proceeding. It helps making the contents presented in this program more interesting and understandable for the audience.

Encouraging Positive Lifestyle

The other pros of buying this product are the fact that it encourages followers to have positive lifestyle. Instead of banning you from enjoying your favorite things, it shows you the right ways to enjoy them without compromising your health and weight.

Once you have embedded the concept of this diet in your life, you will become accustomed to it and find no issue to apply it daily. It is because the restrictions are not really difficult to follow.

flavor pairing ritual

Cons of the Product

Just like the fact that there are some pros of purchasing this product, some reasons should make you paying no interest about it too. We compile the cons of this product from various Cinderella solution reviews.

All Digital Format

This product comes only in digital format so you will not get hardcopy of the e-book. On one hand, this is actually great because you can access this content anywhere as long as you have your gadget with you.

Unfortunately, this means that you need to have internet access to download its content and seeing that it has video content the process may take up plenty of your data plan. Perhaps, this is also inconveniencing people who do not fancy on being in front of digital device for a long time.

It Does Not Work Optimally For Men

As stated previously, the program is based on natural process in woman’s body, particularly in adulthood. Thus, it works mainly for woman who has passed her teenage years.

If you are a man who is aiming to reduce weight with this program, you might not be able to achieve the desired result because this program is not dedicated to you. You will have better time trying another weight loss plan other than this one.

You Need Discipline to Follow This Program

Many people want to lose weight without having to practice discipline or work out regularly. If you are one of those people, then this program is not right for you because its success depends largely on how you can manage your eating pattern and do regular exercise.

Because it helps you reducing weight in such natural processes, you will be able to maintain your weight better while avoiding unwanted results. But if your aim is to lose weight quickly and without effort, then it is not the right program for you.

Reasons to Purchase This Product

There are several reasons that should encourage your to purchase this product.

Full Return Guarantee

When you are purchasing the Cinderella solution PDF and its accompanying products, you will get a limited guarantee return. It applies for 60 days right after you purchase this package.

Another great thing about it is the fact that you will not be asked question about why you are returning the product. You can simply send back the access code of this book and gets all of your money back.

Bonuses With Purchase

Another great thing that comes with this product is the bonus. For every purchase, you will get two kind of additional products: Movement Sequence Activity Guide and 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide.

Both products are designed to support the contents that are already found in the main book. You will get new recipes and new exercise moves to practice in order to fasten your body metabolism to burn fat quicker.

Varied Mode of Information Delivery

This product has very varied contents for variation in the information delivery process. You will get manual book that list every information about flavor pairing ritual and all necessary food ingredients that are good for your body.

You also get video guides that contain exercises important to burn your fat faster. That way, you will fully understand the information presented.


Overall, the Cinderella solution flavor pairing is a great way to lose weight naturally. It even has the potential to be applied for long run.
Cinderella Solution Review

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